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ImmuneCells21 – We provide high impact immunotherapy treatments using culture immune cells with a combination of immune-boosting and anti-cancer therapies. Our most commonly used immune cell type in our Immune Cell Therapy treatment is called Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells).

The Immune System

Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)

Low Immune Function with Age

Immune Cell Therapy Specialists:

Treating Patients Since 2009

Are you or a loved one continuously being run down with the flu, take a long time to recover, and feel as if you have a low immune function? ImmuneCells21 treatments can improve the overall function of your immune system and enhance your body’s natural protection mechanisms.

Cancer treatment can also be greatly improved by infusing the body with new waves of optimized Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells).

Immune Cell Therapy by ImmuneCells21

The role of the immune system is to protect our body from any foreign matters that might cause any damage or homeostatis imbalance. When an organism is threatened by microorganisms, viruses, or cancer cells, the immune system acts to provide protection. The immune system also plays a vital role in healthy tissue turn over.

Immune & Cancer Tests

Immune Boosting

Cancer Treatment

General Benefits of Immune Cell Therapy

Increase Immune Cell Numbers

By increasing the numbers of optimized and activated immune cells, our body can restore the immune population balance. The rebalancing of the immune system drives innate immunity and improves our immune system function.


Treat or Prevent Cancer

NK Cells are a powerful tool in the treatment and prevention of Cancer. Activated cytotoxic Natural Killer Cells can destroy cancer cells in circulation or infiltrate a tumor that can cause tumor necrosis.


Clear Senescent Cells

Natural Killer Cells also remove Scenecent cells. These are cells that have deteriorated and can not function. If these cells are not cleared they can mutate and cause Cancer.

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